Friday, 7 March 2014

These are our latest creations. Rich golds and burgundies in differents sizes and styles and a range of blues contrasting florals with stripes and checks.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

About us

Stitched by Emily started in 2011 with a very unloved rocking chair and an abundance of fabric remnants. The idea behind it went back many more years than that and the lightbulb moment happened during a visit to Liberty of London. In particular it was a range of upholstered furniture by Squint that captivated me and made me think "I could do that!" The pieces I saw back then were so striking not only visually, with their bright vivid colours and patchwork designs but also in their new and exciting concept of re-using and  up-cycling. I loved this idea of recycling, not only the furniture itself but also fabric scraps and creating something totally unique. I didn't want to "copy"  the exact designs I saw that day but I knew I could create my own pieces with my own style, slightly more rustic than contemporary, more country than city but keeping the important modern concept of reusing, recycling and reducing waste at the forefront. Equally important I wanted to just make beautiful things with the materials I already had at my fingertips.